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October 24th, 2012   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

Tesla & TwainWe created the shocking Visual Effects for Tesla & Twain: The Original Odd Couple. This hilarious first episode features creators/stars Rob Kerkovich and Will Greenberg, both of whom we’ve worked with before.

Dave was the VFX Supervisor and created the time travel and blood effects. James composited some of the more difficult multi-Twain shots. Additional compositing by David Wolgemuth.

Watch the Extended Kerkovich Cut! See more stuff we’ve done with Rob & Will! More on this coming soon!

April 11th, 2011   |  
Posted in: News

American Gladiators BTSOn-set footage, outtakes, and deleted scenes from “Summer of Tears in American Gladiators.” If you thought the final result was disturbing, wait ’till you see what we cut out! Thanks to Chris Cantwell, Summer Of Tears, and everybody involved!

Watch “American Gladiators”! See how we created the Visual Effects! Photos!

April 1st, 2011   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

American Gladiators VFXHere’s how we put new people into the old show! Thanks to Summer Of Tears, Chris Cantwell, and the entire crew!

Watch “American Gladiators”! Watch Behind-The-Scenes! See on-set Photos!

March 23rd, 2011   |  
Posted in: News

G4TV’s Attack of the Show featured “American Gladiators” in its “Around The Net” segment. Click here to watch it! We’re 3:35 in. Cheers!

March 6th, 2011   |  
Posted in: Cinematography, Editing

American GladiatorsWe did the Cinematography, Editing, and Visual Effects for this very funny and disturbing Summer Of Tears sketch directed by Chris Cantwell. Thanks to everybody involved! Enjoy.

See how we created the Visual Effects! Watch Behind-The-Scenes! See on-set Photos!

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