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November 16th, 2016   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

Galactic War RoomWe created the Visual Effects for the new Star Wars parody series from Cracked! We made spaceships, holograms, blasters, lightsabers, decapitations, and Force-like “Space Magic.” We also did screen replacements, green screens, smoke, sparks, speed-ramps, wire removals, re-frames, and stabilizations.

Watch Galactic War Room! See more of our work with Cracked! More Star Wars stuff!

October 12th, 2016   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

I'm Worried My Dad's A VampireWe created a swarm of 1,300 CGI bats and other horrific Visual Effects for this new comedy by Cracked which addresses changing family dynamics. And vampires. Starring Philip Labes and Hal Rudnick. Directed by Abe Epperson.

The bats required rigging, animation, fabric simulation, crowd “flocking” simulation, on-set HDR lighting and reference, soft focus, motion blur, set shadows and reflections. For other scenes, we also performed subtle effects like wire removal, blood, smoke, and fire.

See more of our VFX!


October 24th, 2012   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

Tesla & TwainWe created the shocking Visual Effects for Tesla & Twain: The Original Odd Couple. This hilarious first episode features creators/stars Rob Kerkovich and Will Greenberg, both of whom we’ve worked with before.

Dave was the VFX Supervisor and created the time travel and blood effects. James composited some of the more difficult multi-Twain shots. Additional compositing by David Wolgemuth.

Watch the Extended Kerkovich Cut! See more stuff we’ve done with Rob & Will! More on this coming soon!

November 7th, 2011   |  
Posted in: Cinematography

Getting The Team TogetherJames was the Director of Photography for this disaster movie parody by Team Tiger Awesome. Starring J. Teddy Garces, Michael Laurie, Soren Bowie, Ellie Knaus, Matt Wyatt, and Jimmy Tang.

See more credits. Behind-the-scenes photos coming soon!

June 30th, 2011   |  

Brothers In ArmsJames was the Director of Photography for the latest comedic short from Team Tiger Awesome. Ghostlight provided gun and gore Visual Effects. Guest Directed by Matt Wyatt. Enjoy this cautionary tale that explores the horrors of awkward and disgusting R-Rated deathbed requests.

Behind-the-Scenes photos!

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