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June 1st, 2018   |  

Deep Dish Apocalypse

David Codeglia directed this award-winning short comedy film starring Ron Morehouse and Emily Bell about two coworkers trying to find connection during the zombie apocalypse. Go Behind-The-Scenes to see how we created the subway with a combination of real locations, visual effects, and cardboard sets.

Cinematographer James Codeglia created an eerie and gritty atmosphere that was also beautiful. Written by Trey Nichols. Edited by Chris Tonick. Music by Alex Vaski and Andrew Kaiser. Poster by Andy “Aviss” Veilski.

Our interview with No Film School.

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More of Dave’s Directing! James’ Cinematography!

February 7th, 2016   |  

LP CologneDirected by David Codeglia and shot by James Codeglia. Ghostlight produced, edited, and created the visual effects for this ad parody by Adam Ray and Brad Williams.

Featuring Syd Wilder. Chest by Mark Serritella. Hair and makeup by Salette Corpuz & Hiromi Inoko. AC/Gaffer: Todd Kappelt. Blanche the cat provided by Ashleigh Sumner & Beth Stokes. Shot at Sibling. Music by Alfred Montejano.

More Directing! More Cinematography! Rent our Red Camera! More stuff with Adam Ray!

September 5th, 2015   |  

Re-making ED-209How we made a full size walking robot costume for Our RoboCop Remake – Scene 9! Watch the laughs, struggles, and triumphs as Dave and James attempt their craziest project ever. Enjoy!

Tweeted by Mythbuster Adam Savage! Story on RightThisMinute!

Watch Our Scene! Watch the whole remake! Behind-the-scenes photos! More RoboCop!

June 1st, 2015   |  

Rejected Folgers Coffee CommercialDavid directed this “rejected” sex-and-drugs-filled Folgers Coffee commercial starring comedians Adam Ray, Jon Rudnitsky, and Courtney Pauroso.

James shot on our Red Camera with anamorphic lenses and finished in 4K, making this our first project finished in Ultra-High Definition. Ghostlight also edited and used VFX to remove Adam’s front tooth, requiring an animated replacement tongue and lower teeth. Produced by Brian Dillingham. Makeup by Salette Corpuz. Music by Alfred Montejano.

More stuff with Adam Ray! More Directing! More Cinematography! More Visual Effects!

February 24th, 2015   |  

Is It Your Refrigerator?A Ghostlight original! Dave directed this bizzare short comedic film starring Ellis Court and narrated by Gabriel Oliva. James was the Director of Photography and actually shot on Super 8 film. Ghostlight did all post production including editing and visual effects.

Watch behind-the-scenes!

February 8th, 2015   |  

Is It Your Refrigerator?

Dave went to Japan to make this video for Sports Camp of America, an authentic American summer camp experience for Japanese kids. It was a challenge to show the camp’s huge range of activities and emotions in just a few minutes. Thanks to the staff, counselors, and campers for a wonderful experience!

Watch the SCOA Junior High video! Like SCOA’s Facebook Page!

January 27th, 2015   |  

Adam Ray's Seahawks Super Bowl Checklist

David directed this video for comedian Adam Ray. James was the Director of Photography. Ghostlight provided all production and post-production services including Editing and Visual Effects.

Full credits on YouTube. Featured by: TheComedyStore, FunnyOrDie,, Q13Fox, KULR8.

More stuff with Adam Ray! More Directing! More Cinematography! More Editing! More VFX!

October 31st, 2014   |  
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TITLEWe shot and edited the new Jessica Jacobs series showcasing the best affordable eateries in Los Angeles. The show is a fun way to explore LA neighborhoods, meet interesting restaurant owners and employees, learn cooking tips, and laugh with Jessica and her friends. Bon apéttit!

Episodes: Son of a BunWurstkücheNoodle BoyTender GreensGuisados

See more restaurants at LA on $20 a Day!

March 3rd, 2014   |  

Our RoboCop Remake - Scene 9A giant cardboard robot shoots a puppet!

Our RoboCop Remake is a fan-made parody of the classic film RoboCop, where each scene is created by a different filmmaking team. David directed Scene 9 and James was the Director of Photography and they both built the full-size walking replica of the original ED-209. Ghostlight edited and created the VFX. Our scene was a massive undertaking that succeeded because of our amazing all-volunteer cast and crew, whom we thank with all our hearts. Full credits on YouTube!

Press: Tweeted by Mythbuster Adam SavageGizmodo, RightThisMinuteLightWave, Wired (home page), AnimalScreen Junkies, Gigaom, Three Laws, FastCo.Create, Slate

Behind-the-scenes: Re-making ED-209! Photos! Remember Our Footloose Remake? More directing! More cinematography!

October 21st, 2013   |  
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Berry PickingGhostlight provided post production services for this short horror comedy about berries that pick back. The film was shot on the Red Epic, which requires a sophisticated post and coloring workflow.

Directed by Matt Wyatt. Starring Hesley Harps and Daniel Acker. Stick around for the end to see Daniel screaming. A lot.

Featured on the Funny or Die homepage! Don’t forget to vote “Funny!”

March 18th, 2013   |  

Trap Door

When it’s beneath you, it has you!

Dave directed this short horror comedy written by Daniel Acker and Hesley Harps. James, our Director of Photography, came up with the crazy camera angles and lighting. Ghostlight edited and created the trap door Visual Effects. Full credits on YouTube.

Official Selection at ITSA Film Festival 2013! Also on Vimeo. Outtakes! More stuff with Hesley, Josh, & Daniel!

September 22nd, 2012   |  

AwkwardWe created this music video for the song “Awkward” by Saucy Monky. Dave was the Writer, Director, & Editor. James was the Director of Photography and shot it on the RED Epic. We had no time or money, but we did work with amazing people.

Awards: Best Music Video at San Diego Indie Fest, Wild Ace Award at LVFF, Official Selection at ITSA and Reel Pride. Featured on 365 LGBTCherryGRRLgaelick, Gay Persons of Colorhipset, Hot Press, humanfankindOne More LesbianMusicLoad, NME, SDGLNSilver TongueVox Indie, & Young Hollywood!

Produced by Margaret Blakemore. Starring Erin Law, Bonnie Rae, Sherry Soto, & Sarah Morris. Full credits on YouTube!

February 11th, 2012   |  

TITLESometimes you need to make a change. Especially if you’re the main character.

Written and Directed by Dave. Cinematography by James. Starring Daniel Kent, Hesley Harps, Scott Gairdner, and Erin Pade. Music by Alfred Montejano. Boom by Andrew Congdon.

Winner: Best Comedy at ITSA Film Fest 2011. Watch Outtakes! Photos!

November 18th, 2011   |  

Mickey Mouse Brings Disney Magic To New York CityHappy Birthday, Mickey! James was the Director of Photography and VFX artist for this video starring Mickey Mouse! It promotes a really cool interactive jumbo-tron in Times Square. Be sure to watch to the end for an explosive finale in the Magic Kingdom! James shot on the new RED Epic camera, and used interactive magic lighting both in Times Square and Disney World. Directed by Matt Wyatt. Additional VFX by David Wolgemuth and Whitfield Henry. Thanks to everyone at DigiSynd and Disney Parks!

Featured on Examiner and Mashable! Behind-the-scenes photos!

June 3rd, 2011   |  

Darth Vader Goes To DisneylandThis is our favorite video that we’ve done with Disney! James was the Director of Photography and Editor. Dave was the VFX Supervisor. Directed by Matt Wyatt. Brad Conlin was the AC. Music by Alfred Montejano. Thanks to the entire Disneyland crew, Lucasfilm, and our DigiSynd coworkers. You’re the best!

In-park photos! Darth Vader’s Tweet. Examiner. The Daily What. Mashable. The new version! Video of us working!

March 6th, 2011   |  
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American GladiatorsWe did the Cinematography, Editing, and Visual Effects for this very funny and disturbing Summer Of Tears sketch directed by Chris Cantwell. Thanks to everybody involved! Enjoy.

See how we created the Visual Effects! Watch Behind-The-Scenes! See on-set Photos!

November 8th, 2010   |  
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John Badham Reel 2010We edited this reel for director John Badham. It highlights work from his impressive and ongoing career directing over 50 films and TV shows including Saturday Night Fever, Short Circuit, WarGames, Heroes, The Event, and more. Turn up the sound and enjoy!

Get John’s book on directing actors!

August 1st, 2010   |  
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Footloose Scene 53 RemakeWillard and Ren take care of Chuck and his pals once and for all. Part of Our Footloose Remake. Directed by Chris Cantwell. We did the Cinematography, Editing, and VFX. Shot on the RED. Makeup FX by Sabrina Siebert.

Starring Chris Cantwell, Evan Gaustad, Nick Clark, Hesley Harps, Jessica Thompson, Matt Wyatt, Brendan Joyce, Eric Toms, Dan Kent, and Will Hutson. Enjoy the violence!

See the Original Scene, Audience Reaction, Behind-The-Scene, and Visual EffectsPhotos! Full Our Footloose Remake!

July 30th, 2010   |  
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Footloose Remake Scene 35Reverend Moore and Coach Dunbar discuss moral issues. Dialogue is true to the original, but the rest is not. Part of The Footloose Remake. Directed by Matt Wyatt. We did the Cinematography and Editing. Shot on the Red.

Starring Reggie Watkins, Olivier Canovas, and Natalie Lynch. Thanks to PA Clint Gage, Makeup Artist Nikki Marrone, Composer Alfred Montejano, and Color Timer Phil Dennison.

On-set Photos! More from our Footloose Scenes! Watch the fully assembled Our Footloose Remake!

July 13th, 2010   |  

The Murderer's In JailDave wrote and directed this bad horror scene for Hesley Harps‘ acting reel.  Also starring Will McFadden, Sean Bury, and Brad Conlin.  James was the Cinematographer and shot on the RED camera.

December 14th, 2009   |  
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Two Guys Episode FourThe chronicles of two guys continues with the ultimate test of concentration: shaving. Starring Adam Ray and Evan Gaustad.

Watch Episode One, Episode Two, or Episode Three!  See photos from Adam Ray TV!

October 4th, 2009   |  
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BlackstarWe shot, edited, and created the VFX for this short film with pilot Craig Dyer to showcase his piloting skills, plus those of everyone involved. James was the Cinematographer and operated camera from the yacht and helicopter’s bench seat. Dave shot from a separate little boat and edited the movie. Thanks to Craig Dyer, Doug Blake, and Matt Sigloch!

See how we did the Visual Effects! See photos from behind the scenes!

March 9th, 2009   |  
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Dinner With RaphaelOur good friend Joey Boukadakis wrote and directed Dinner With Raphael, a short comedy about a young man who introduces his fiance to his brother who…. has a condition. James did the Cinematography and Dave Edited. The film stars Paul Boukadakis, Dianna Agron, Michael Bower, Brett Paesel and Richard Riehle (Office Space). Careful – this is really offensive and really funny!

See photos from behind the scenes! Visit the film’s website!

April 15th, 2008   |  

Apple iWe made this “Apple i” commercial for a College Humor sketch, which parodies Steve Jobs’ product presentations. We built the Apple i in 3D to match College Humor’s prop. For the dancers, we filmed buddies from Invisible Engine and DigiSynd on a green screen. Music by Alfred Montejano.

See the 3D stills! Watch College Humor’s Apple i sketch!

February 23rd, 2008   |  
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Groveland Hotel

James was the Director of Photography and Editor for the Groveland Hotel, which he shot in HD with fine lighting, a jib arm, and a Steadicam. Music by Aaron Fischer. Special thanks to Ken Codeglia and everyone involved!

See photos from behind-the-scenes!

November 17th, 2007   |  
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Two Guys Episode ThreeThere’s someone trying to kill us? Part three of the series we shot and edited for Adam Ray and Evan Gaustad.

Watch Episode One, Episode Two,or Episode Four! See photos from Adam Ray TV stuff!

November 9th, 2007   |  
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Two Guys Episode TwoThe second adventure we shot and edited for Adam Ray and Evan Gaustad. “These guys are good.”

Watch Episode One, Episode Three,or Episode Four! See photos from Adam Ray TV!

October 16th, 2007   |  
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Two Guys Episode OneWe did the Cinematography and Editing on this short with Adam Ray and Evan Gaustad. Enjoy!

Watch Episode Two, Episode Three,or Episode Four! See all photos from Adam Ray TV.

September 18th, 2007   |  

Twisted TerrorDigiSynd hired us to create these three ads for the Twisted Terror Collection from Warner Brothers. Dave Directed and Edited, James did the Cinematography, and Ghostlight did the Visual Effects.

Starring David Nash, Evan Gaustad, Jenna Finley, Beck Bennett, Ashleigh Sumner, Sarah Atwood, Jessica Wheeler, and Sarena Khan. Narration by Adam Ray. Music by Andrew Kaiser. Thanks everybody!

Behind-the-scenes photos!

February 3rd, 2007   |  
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Sandwich PalsHere’s the famous cliffhanger episode of Sandwich Pals! Enjoy this short comedy we shot and edited for our buddy Adam Ray.

See photos from Adam Ray TV!

July 17th, 2006   |  
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thumb-ext1Adam Ray TV won the Best New Pilot Award at the ITV Festival!  We shot and edited a collection of sketches for our buddy Adam Ray, which were combined into the 22 minute TV pilot. Beware the mature content and enjoy!

Watch Club Rectum, Eggo Waffles, Two Guys 1 2 3 4, Bud Light, Perry Woodwork 1 2 3 4, Cat In The Hat, Southwest, Truth or Dare! See behind the scenes photos!

February 24th, 2006   |  
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Duc 2 Ways Music VideoJames edited this music video featuring Most Chill Slackmob. The song Duc 2 Ways appears in the film God’s Waiting List.

November 6th, 2005   |  
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Scene from The PrototypeHere’s a scene from The Prototype, which Dave edited for Invisible Engine.

See everything from The Prototype!

November 6th, 2005   |  
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Prototype TrailerGhostlight edited this trailer for the feature film The Prototype, a dark comedy by Invisible Engine. We also Edited the film and created the Visual Effects.

See everything from The Prototype!

March 29th, 2005   |  

New Directions For Women HighlightsGhostlight was hired by Merging Promotions to provide Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects, and DVD services to promote New Directions For Women, a chemical dependency treatment center for women. Here are highlights from the video!

Check out the DVD we created!

July 21st, 2004   |  

Leigh In Hawaii TrailerHere’s the trailer for our Leigh in Hawaii documentary we shot and edited for Leigh High School‘s trip to the Pacific Basin Music Festival.

Explore the DVD! See photos from us working in Hawaii!

March 14th, 2004   |  
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Toulomne(“to-all-um-knee”)  We created this video for the Tuolumne County Film Commission.  It appears at tradeshows and on their website to promote the county’s beautiful filming locations.  The music was composed and performed by Aaron Fischer.

Watch Tuolumne!  See bonus Train Footage! See behind the scenes photos.

April 20th, 2003   |  

Test Drive ClipTest Drive was James’ Senior Thesis film at Chapman. It was shot on 16mm film. Here’s a clip featuring Will McFadden and Aaron Fischer.

See behind the scenes photos!

April 1st, 2003   |  

Canon Commercial (spec)Dave shot and directed this during film school at USC. It stars Aaron Fischer and Trevor Peterson.

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