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October 21st, 2013   |  
Posted in: Editing

Berry PickingGhostlight provided post production services for this short horror comedy about berries that pick back. The film was shot on the Red Epic, which requires a sophisticated post and coloring workflow.

Directed by Matt Wyatt. Starring Hesley Harps and Daniel Acker. Stick around for the end to see Daniel screaming. A lot.

Featured on the Funny or Die homepage! Don’t forget to vote “Funny!”

March 18th, 2013   |  

Trap Door

When it’s beneath you, it has you!

Dave directed this short horror comedy written by Daniel Acker and Hesley Harps. James, our Director of Photography, came up with the crazy camera angles and lighting. Ghostlight edited and created the trap door Visual Effects. Full credits on YouTube.

Official Selection at ITSA Film Festival 2013! Also on Vimeo. Outtakes! More stuff with Hesley, Josh, & Daniel!

December 5th, 2012   |  

Guys' NightWe worked on this routy short about a girl invading guys’ night. James was the Director of Photography and shot on the Red Epic. We also did a quick VFX shot that induced a spit-take. Enjoy!

Directed by Matt Wyatt. Starring Hesley Harps, Scott Gairdner, Josh Duvendeck, Daniel Kent, Greg Perry, George Basil, & Clint Gage. Written by Hesley Harps & Daniel Acker. Edited by Whitfield Scheidegger.

Full credits on Funny or Die. Also on CollegeHumor.

February 11th, 2012   |  

TITLESometimes you need to make a change. Especially if you’re the main character.

Written and Directed by Dave. Cinematography by James. Starring Daniel Kent, Hesley Harps, Scott Gairdner, and Erin Pade. Music by Alfred Montejano. Boom by Andrew Congdon.

Winner: Best Comedy at ITSA Film Fest 2011. Watch Outtakes! Photos!

May 11th, 2011   |  
Posted in: Cinematography

The President's SpeechJames was the Director of Photography on Whitfield Henry’s spoof of The King’s Speech. Starring Conor Lane, Sean Bury, and Hesley Harps. Music by Alfred Montejano Thanks to everyone for a fun shoot!

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October 13th, 2010   |  

Music Video Booth SuicideSomething’s wrong with us. Ghostlight did the Cinematography and Visual Effects for this disturbing short by Invisible Engine. Chris’ character shoots himself in one of those old theme park music video booths. First, we added blood effects in full quality. Then the green was replaced (poorly) by some iPhone video. Then we ran it through a VHS deck while messing with tracking. Alfred Montejano created the VHS audio flaws. Starring Chris Cantwell, Matt Wyatt, Sean Bury, and Hesley Harps.

On-set photos!

August 1st, 2010   |  
Posted in: Cinematography, Editing

Footloose Scene 53 RemakeWillard and Ren take care of Chuck and his pals once and for all. Part of Our Footloose Remake. Directed by Chris Cantwell. We did the Cinematography, Editing, and VFX. Shot on the RED. Makeup FX by Sabrina Siebert.

Starring Chris Cantwell, Evan Gaustad, Nick Clark, Hesley Harps, Jessica Thompson, Matt Wyatt, Brendan Joyce, Eric Toms, Dan Kent, and Will Hutson. Enjoy the violence!

See the Original Scene, Audience Reaction, Behind-The-Scene, and Visual EffectsPhotos! Full Our Footloose Remake!

July 13th, 2010   |  

The Murderer's In JailDave wrote and directed this bad horror scene for Hesley Harps‘ acting reel.  Also starring Will McFadden, Sean Bury, and Brad Conlin.  James was the Cinematographer and shot on the RED camera.

March 4th, 2010   |  
Posted in: Cinematography

White DemonHesley Harps needed scenes for her actor’s reel. This one was written and directed by Chris Cantwell. James was the Cinematographer and both Dave and James appear in the scene. Enjoy!

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