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December 3rd, 2018   |  
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Sam Did It

Ghostlight created some killer Visual Effects for this award-winning short comedy, starring Alfred Molina and directed by Dominic Burgess. In it, mortician Sam (Burgess) meets his celebrity idol Alfred Molina (himself)… who is dead.

Nobody can hold perfectly still, especially when somebody’s poking your face, so Burgess enlisted Ghostlight to make sure Alfred stayed dead. This required freezing portions of the image, such as Alfred’s breathing, while preserving camera movement and actor interactions. For example: when Sam opens Alfred’s eyes, they had to be perfectly motionless beforehand, open smoothly without flinching, and freeze again afterward, all while preserving Sam’s hands, shadows, and skin contact.

In addition to freezing effects, Ghostlight added lens flares, created milky dead eyes, manipulated props and wardrobe, adjusted camera movement, and added gore – even removing Alfred Molina’s scalp! (Spoiler)

Watch Sam Did It! See more of our Visual Effects!

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