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June 1st, 2018   |  


David Codeglia directed this comedic horror film starring Ron Morehouse and Emily Bell about two people trying to find connection in the apocalypse. Cinematographer James Codeglia created an eerie and gritty atmosphere that was also beautiful. The subway set was accomplished with a combination of stolen locations, greenscreen, and cardboard sets. Written by Trey Nichols. Edited by Chris Tonick. Music by Alex Vaski and Andrew Kaiser. Poster by Andy “Aviss” Veilski.

Catalina Film Festival Sept. 29 @ Noon, “Shorts Block 7”
San Diego International Film Festival Oct. 12 @ 5:30pm “For Shorts & Giggles”, Oct. 13 @ 5:30pm “For Shorts & Giggles”
San Jose International Short Film Festival Oct. 12 @ 7:00pm “Block 6: Comedy”, Oct. 13 @ 9:30pm “Block: 18 Comedy”

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