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October 12th, 2016   |  
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I'm Worried My Dad's A VampireWe made a swarm of bats and other horri-fun Visual Effects shots for Cracked‘s new halloween video addressing changing family dynamics. And vampires. Starring Philip Labes and Hal Rudnick. Directed by Abe Epperson.

The 1,300 bats were computer-generated. One bat was rigged, animated, cloth-simulated, and copied 20 times for size and color variation. Those copies were attached to a guided “flocking” simulation with 1,300 agents, lit from on-set HDR light information, rendered with focus effects, motion blur, and composited into the footage. The result is a swarm of bats that feel alive.

We also performed wire removal and added blood effects for this gruesome kitty death scene, and added BBQ fire and smoke to the last scene.

Watch the video! Making-of photo! See more VFX! See more stuff from Cracked!


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