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November 16th, 2016   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

Galactic War RoomWe created the Visual Effects for the new comedy series from Cracked! Because it’s a parody of Star Wars, we got to make space ships, holograms, blasters, light sabers, a decapitation, and Force-inspired “Space Magic.” We also provided on-set supervision, animated robot eyes, screen replacements, green screen, smoke, sparks, speed changes, wire removals, re-frames, and stabilizations.

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October 12th, 2016   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

I'm Worried My Dad's A VampireWe made a swarm of bats and other horri-fun Visual Effects shots for Cracked‘s new halloween video addressing changing family dynamics. And vampires. Starring Philip Labes and Hal Rudnick. Directed by Abe Epperson.

The 1,300 bats were computer-generated. One bat was rigged, animated, cloth-simulated, and copied 20 times for size and color variation. Those copies were attached to a guided “flocking” simulation with 1,300 agents, lit from on-set HDR light information, rendered with focus effects, motion blur, and composited into the footage. The result is a swarm of bats that feel alive.

We also performed wire removal and added blood effects for this gruesome kitty death scene, and added BBQ fire and smoke to the last scene.

Watch the video! Making-of photo! See more VFX! See more stuff from Cracked!


October 10th, 2016   |  

Hill YesDavid Codeglia directed this web series about two “Hill-arious” volunteers ‘paigning their way to the top. Shot by James Codeglia on our 6K Red Weapon digital cinema camera. Ghostlight also provided 4K post production services.

Starring Emily Bell, Ron Morehouse, & Karissa Vacker. Written by K.S. Wiswell. Edited by Jeff Maccubbin. Music by Jordan Bennett. Sound Mix by Ryan DeRemer. Ep.2 song “50 Shades of Drumpf” by Alfred Montejano. A Bell-House production.

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September 22nd, 2016   |  
Posted in: Cinematography

Dump DrumpfJames was the Director of Photography for this hilarious music video by Jensen Reed and Ben Giroux! Shot on our Red Weapon 6K camera. Enjoy!

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July 20th, 2016   |  
Posted in: Cinematography

REDventure: Humming BirdsIn this REDventure, we play with slow motion on our amazing Red Weapon 6K cinema camera. These thirsty fellas were filmed at 237 frames per second!

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April 25th, 2016   |  
Posted in: Visual Effects

Critical Role IntroGhostlight created the magical Visual Effects for the popular show “Critical Role!” Gunshots, fire, arrows, lightning, wind storms, tentacle monsters, face-swapping sorcerers, and crotch magic. What more could a fantasy junkie ask for? The new intro was unveiled on Critical Role’s 50th Episode.

Thanks to Matthew Mercer, Geek & Sundry, the show’s cast & crew, and all the fans for their kind words and enthusiasm!

February 7th, 2016   |  

LP CologneDirected by David Codeglia and shot by James Codeglia. Ghostlight produced, edited, and created visual effects for this ad shot in 6K on our Red Weapon and finished in 4K.

Starring and written by Adam Ray and Brad Williams. Featuring the amazing Syd Wilder. Chest by Mark Serritella. Hair and makeup by Salette Corpuz & Hiromi Inoko. AC/Gaffer: Todd Kappelt. Blanche the cat provided by Ashleigh Sumner & Beth Stokes. Studio provided by Matt Wyatt at Sibling. Music by Alfred Montejano.

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January 10th, 2016   |  
Posted in: Cinematography

REDventure: Columbia

We took our Red Weapon to Columbia, CA and shot some slow motion at 6K.

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