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May 6th, 1970   |  
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“Working with Ghostlight couldn’t have been a more positive experience. They transformed my ideas into a vivid reality at a quality I didn’t even think was possible. The footage I saw while it was still a work in progress blew my mind. In most projects you suggest what you want and then they tell you what can’t be done. With Ghostlight, they actually completed my idea and added more. There’s a shot where a firefly lands on a man’s forehead that was completely Ghostlight’s idea. They actually added more than what I had asked for, and went out of their way to make the movie better. I knew at that point that this was only the beginning of an incredible business relationship. At the premiere someone commented on the fireflies and the entire audience burst into a giant round of applause. A few people actually asked me if the fireflies were real! I was looking for a high level of quality and professionalism, and Ghostlight did much more than fulfill my expectations. They made my movie better, completed the project in a timely manner, and were by far the most professional company I have ever worked with on a film. I’m really excited to see how far these guys are going to go.”

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